Karniz Archada (karniz_archada) wrote in quietriot_art,
Karniz Archada


So I had a crazy art session with enig last night... well, It was more persay *I* was drawing and being all fangirly for 3 Pillars... yeah, I'm hardcore working on drawings for it now... so yeah, at the request of enig, I did a BUNCH of couple's pictures!!!

So here, get ready to be...

Yesssssss... Geld and Wreck... drawing this made the hair on my arm rise... it's just so sensual, in my eyes... Wreck is damn sexy, and seeing him nearly naked about to give Geld a good wanking? Man... I envy her... keheheheheh~!!!

So yes... much love to 3 Pillars.
More sketches soon?
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