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Quiet Riot [entries|friends|calendar]
Quiet Riot

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"..." [2/15/07|1:50 PM]

Ahh yes, no break and another picture. Part of the "couples" but not really images of 3 Pillars.

......... dog walk.Collapse )

In 3 Pillars news... well, I've got the basic layout done, and I'm working on all of the side pages! WHEE! it'll be good. Just gotta re-text the rest of the comic and we'll be ready to have it up... mwahahhaa.
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seduced...? [2/12/07|2:01 PM]

So I had a crazy art session with enig last night... well, It was more persay *I* was drawing and being all fangirly for 3 Pillars... yeah, I'm hardcore working on drawings for it now... so yeah, at the request of enig, I did a BUNCH of couple's pictures!!!

So here, get ready to be...

seduced...Collapse )

So yes... much love to 3 Pillars.
More sketches soon?
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9 Volt! [1/26/07|1:18 PM]

hehehe... for enig. 9-Volt!

Just a quick colour of a sketch I did at my sissies' place while playing Wario Ware: Smooth Moves.
9-Volt is the cuteness... XD
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Crazy Fish. [1/19/07|11:16 AM]

So I was telling enig before...
I was attempting a sky-practice... to get more used to doing backgrounds of realistic matter in art programs on me compy... since I can already do that with my own little hand and a pencil/pen/whatnot...
So one day [like... a month ago...] I sat down and started to work on a sky...

this is the result:

c'mere fishy fishy...Collapse )
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Pretty in Green [1/12/07|9:53 PM]

It's been awhile? Heehehehe...
well, since there hasn't been anything new up lately... I decided that it's time to post something...
I scanned a heckuva lotta sketches and various art from the last couple of months... so I have a lot of new content to upload to here! [Including those Zombie Ate my Neighbors sketches! eniiig~ hhehee...]
So here we go, one of Flora-belle, from 3 Pillars~

She's pretty in green...?Collapse )

Ok, I'll either be working on CGing more artwork for here or waiting till enig posts some more... ::evil glare:: hehehee... XD
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